15 Awkward Wedding Photos Guaranteed To Make You Cringe

For many of us, our wedding day will be among the biggest and most important days of our life. So chances are, we’ll choose to be like the millions of couples who get married every day and document the occasion with hundreds of pictures.

We’ll be realistic about it, understanding that only a small portion of those hundreds will come out perfect—our eyes will be closed in many of them, or a member of our wedding party won’t be looking at the camera or it will be a really unflattering angle of our dress and dozens of them will have to go. But the good ones, where everyone’s looking at the camera and smiling, will go straight into our family photo albums and we’ll force everyone who ever enters our house to look through them with us. Not everyone may be as excited as we are about the shots, after all we all have different ideas about what constitutes a “good” photo.

These 15 photos demonstrate that—they’ve been included in family photo albums but are also so awkward you’ll cringe.

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