How Do Web Hosting Service Providers Enhance SEO Performance?


Search Engine Optimization, or simply SEO, is currently one of the most influential marketing methods online. As the name of SEO already suggests, this marketing method aims to increase a website’s chances of ranking higher in the different search engines.

The web hosting provider you choose has a large impact on your SEO efforts, and it can affect it in a number of ways. A good web hosting provider will help you to achieve your SEO goals faster as compared to other web hosting providers, which can hinder your efforts.

What Is SEO Web Hosting?

SEO web hosting doesn’t have a formal definition. The reason for this is because it is not a technical term, or a product or a procedure. It is only a web hosting provider which helps in achieving your SEO goals faster. In practical terms, having a SEO friendly web hosting provider simply means that it will not damage your SEO as web hosting providers don’t do anything which can boost your SEO.


How Do Web Hosting Service Providers Enhance SEO Performance?

Site Speed

One of the foremost factors which help in your site’s SEO performance is the speed. Your site has higher chances to rank in search in the search engine if your web site loads faster. The quality of your web host provider determines the stability and the loading time of your web site.

When the loading time of your web site is high, the customers tend to leave the page. This is the reason why search engines tend to show only the web sites which have better site speed. This can hurt your SEO in the long run.


It is a well known fact that none of the servers can give a 100% uptime. Even the best web hosting providers will boast of a 99.999% uptime. This corresponds to a downtime of five minutes and fifteen seconds in one year.

There will always be times when your web site would not be available for the people to see. The periods can last from a few seconds to few hours or even more. The more would be the downtime, the greater the loss you and your website would suffer. This would, in turn, affect your SEO performance. Thus, you should hope for the least downtime possible and always select a web host which would have enough resources so as to keep the downtime to a minimum.

Generally, a 99.9% uptime is considered as an average percent for the top sites. If you have an uptime less than this, you should consider upgrading or changing your web host provider. It is said that downtime of short periods of time would not affect your SEO ranking as compared to the downtimes of hours and days.


There are very few people that consider this or even talk about it. There is always a possibility of losing your data on your site. It can be due to innumerable reasons. It can be due to a natural disaster or a malicious attack. The end result is the same. The data gets lost and the site owners suffer.

This is the reason why you need to have a backup of your web site. It will help protect you from the worst consequences that you affect you and may even likely kill your business. If you don’t have a backup, you are likely to suffer, and may even lose everything. On the other hand, if you have a backup, and a disaster hits you, you can restore your content easily. Some web hosting providers do not offer backup services. However, they offer third party backup services, which also helps you to sleep peacefully at night without giving a thought to losing your content.


The security of your website is highly important. It is important not only for your search engine, but for the people visiting your site too. The search engines do not direct their users to web sites which are infected. This is the reason why you need to check your web hosting service provider if it has the adequate amount of infrastructure and software available to protect you from malware and spam or not.


It is also important to check the location of your server. It is advisable to have the server of your web hosting service provider near you and your target visitors. This is because the search engines prioritize the websites to localize the results. It may become to have a service provider nearby, but you can at least try to have a provider close by. By having a server near you, the responsiveness of your web site by the search engine would also get enhanced.

How To Choose An SEO Friendly Web Hosting Provider?

While it is not a hard and fast rule to follow the points given below, nor are they any standard procedure to follow while selecting your web host. However, you should keep these points in mind when selecting your web host to enhance your SEO performance.

Years In Business – Companies which have been in business for over a decade are to be preferred over startups.

Reputation – What is their reputation in the market?

Reviews – Search for the reviews by their customers

Datacenter – Do they have their own datacenter or do they resell the services?

The Bottom Line

These are the main points which a person or a business should keep in mind while choosing a web hosting service provider. If one does not take proper care of the points listed above, the hosting provider may damage the SEO of your web site. It is important to note that the web host provider does not enhance your SEO; it only has a role to play to downgrade your SEO. SEO depends entirely upon you and how you optimize your website. Thus, if you optimize your website properly and choose a web hosting service provider wisely, you can even make it to the top of the list in the search engine.


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