What Are The Must Haves For A Drug Rehabilitation Center?


What Is Drug Rehabilitation?

Drug rehabilitation is the process of medical treatment, where a person who is dependent on alcohol, drugs or street drugs like heroin, cocaine, meth etc. is treated with and made clean or sober. The treatment also includes medication for depression, sharing their journey with other addicts and therapy by experts.
Besides providing isolation from drugs, the medical and psychological care units help in developing the patient’s skills and habits apart from the knowledge of the patient. These treatment centers provide a getaway to allow substance abusers to find themselves so that they can learn how to stay clean.

Must Haves For Drug Rehab Centers

There are many key elements which help us determine what facilities a good drug rehab centre should have and whether the treatment center chosen is thorough and well coordinated.


License is given by the government to the rehab center to carry out their work. This means that the rehab centre has been examined and approved by an established and trustworthy body, and the organization has achieved the objective in order to be certified. The rehab centers are examined under a broad range of care areas like treatment quality, emergency management, infection control and patient safety.

Customized Treatment Plans

In addiction treatment, there is no one treatment for all. The effectiveness of any therapy is determined on how the treatment is approached on each patient’s individual needs. This depends on the patient’s history. So, one needs to be sure that the rehab centre offers individual level of care along with assessments and analysis and the treatment changes whenever necessary and required.

Precise Medical Record Keeping

There are many purpose served by medical records. It is important to keep documents related to the history of the examination, diagnosis and treatment given to the patient. All this information is important for any new doctor who takes up the charge of the patient. Medical records also provide justification about why a particular treatment is given to the patient. Thus, one needs to be sure that rehab centre keeps accurate and thorough medical records.

Medically Sound Treatment

It should be kept in mind that the treatments given in the rehab centre have been researched, tested in clinical environment and is effective. Psychotherapy, behavioral therapy and pharmaceutical therapy are a few examples of common forms of medical treatments. They should have the knowledge and ability to prescribe medications when necessary. These medications help the patients to deal with withdrawal, cope with cravings and achieve balance in brain.

Trust And Comfort In The Rehabilitation Treatment Facility

The rehab should be managed by trustworthy and credentialed staff members. There should be a feel of comfort in the room. This helps patients to relax as the addiction treatment really begins after detox and it also prevents people to go from one rehab centre to another and spend time on repeated adaption.

Aftercare Treatment Plans

Treatment of patient does not end once he leaves the rehab centre. A good rehab centre teaches how to continue their lives in home, at work and in social gatherings. They should provide a clear plan of action for patients to follow once they get discharged. The plan should include everything like how to manage recovery related stress, how to avoid toxic situations and interactions, support group referrals, relapse prevention planning, timely counseling etc.
It is better to choose a centre which allows regular checkups to verify the patients’ post treatment progress. It is important for the patients to have a connection with their therapists during their vulnerable periods.


Kind Of Drug Rehabilitation Centers

There are different forms of rehab centers which includes different level of intensity and duration of patients’ treatment. The main motive of each centre is to make the patient’s life drug free and prepare for the next steps like family relationship, adaption to work environment and social gatherings. It is also important to keep in mind that every patient needs different kind of program.

Some Major Options For Drug Rehabilitation Are:

Partial Or Full Hospitalization

In this, the patient has to stay in the hospital or medical facility during the course of treatment. This is recommended for those patients who have high level drug use to detox.

Short Term Inpatient

This program lasts for 1 to 3 months. It provides intensive but relatively brief treatment. In this the treatment mainly includes spending time in group therapy and individual counseling throughout the day. This helps to reduce the risk of relapse once the patient gets discharged.

Long Term Inpatient

This program lasts for 6 to 12 months and the patient is under supervision 24 hours. This type of treatment helps the patient to socialize. Residents, staffs and social contexts act as active components for this treatment.

The Bottom Line

A major part of the rehabilitation of a patient depends upon the facilities the treatment center provides apart from the treatment being provided. Thus, it is important to have the essentials needed in a treatment center for a sound treatment of an addict so that he is able to lead a happy life like others after the treatment process.



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