Can Dead Hair Follicles Grow Back?


Our Hair And The Follicles

Whenever we look at our hair and see the scalp within. Many of us panic and try to recognize what actually has happened to our hair and whether it will get repaired or not. This is the only thing that revolves around our minds and we try finding different ways to correct it as soon as possible. The ways may vary like oiling the air, trying a shampoo of a particular brand, etc. But before trying different methods, we need to determine what we are suffering from. We need to be known of the fact that hair grows from the follicles on our head. These follicles are responsible for our hair growth, so we need to bother on the fact whether our follicles are alive and are capable of producing hair or not. If yes, then the growth of hair will continue otherwise not.

Hair Loss And Follicles

Basically, a follicle is a cell-lined sac and hair strands grow from the follicles. Follicles are attached with the oil glands, known as sebaceous gland, and this gland produces a fatty substance known as sebum. The purpose of this is to allocate follicles on our scalp. There, the sebum oils our skin and air. But by the time, if we don’t take care of ourselves like don’t do shampoo or oil our hairs. We will find that our hair follicles get undernourished and can further lead to the death of our follicles. In contrast to this, they simply become thinner and thinner and eventually fall off our heads. When all this happen, our scalp loses hair and we see baldness.

But when our hair gets thinner, this doesn’t mean that our hair follicles are dead. There are times when it’s found that the hair follicles are in the resting phase and during that time the growth of new hair stops. In the hair cycle, this period is generally referred to as the telogen phase. But in this phase, the old hair rests and new hair begins to grow. Hence, we will find that hair grows although our follicles are in the resting phase. But at the same, we will find that the hair growth stops completely after the death of hair follicles.

It’s easy to recognize whether our hair follicles are alive or not. One just needs to have a look over his scalp and see if there’s any hair or not. If there’s yes, then the follicles are alive and if not, the follicles are dead and there is hardly any chance for hair to grow again.


We will find that this is not the end to the hair growth. There are several medications and natural techniques that can be followed to ensure the proper hair growth by reviving the dead hair follicles. This can be done by the several ways discussed throughout the article.

Optimizing The Diet For Hair Growth:

The health of the hair follicles is linked with the overall health of the individual. If the person has vitamin or mineral deficiency, then this will be experienced in the form of weak and lifeless hair. In such people, there are more chances for hair follicles to get damaged.
But at the same, one can avoid such a situation by having a diet full of nutrients, minerals, and enzymes that are responsible for healthy growth and thick hair as well. Within the diet, one can include:
• Frozen berry medley
• Almond milk
• Banana
• Pumpkin seed oil
• Coconut oil
• Hemp and pea protein mixture
• Coconut oil
• Probiotic powder
• Gingko Biloba

All the ingredients are mixed in a blender and drunk down for breakfast. The smoothie prepared is extremely healthy and needs to be consumed daily for maintaining proper scalp and hair growth.


Minoxidil is among the best medicine for reactivating the dead or non-functioning hair follicles. It has to be applied regularly on the scalp and the growth of the hair starts place in no time. The only problem that arises once the person starts the use of minoxidil then it has to be applied throughout life. Once the person stops applying minoxidil, the hair growth stops and the hair fall eventually takes place leading to baldness. So, it’s better either not to use or continuously use minoxidil for activating the hair follicles.

Avoid Causing More Damage:

There are three things that cause a lot of harm to the hair follicles, and one must avoid these factors to promote the growth and proper health of the hair follicles.
• Hot Showers
• Hairdryers and straighteners
• Hair color dyes

Generally, we love hot showers, but it is among the reasons for dry scalp and stripping away of the oils that protect the hair follicles. Our hair follicles cannot tolerate such a high temperature, so it’s better to take shower from regular water rather than hot water. Similarly, hair dryers have the same drying effect and shouldn’t be used.
Further, we will find that hair color dyes use peroxide and other harsh chemicals that damage our hair consistently. So, one should avoid the use of such factors and implement the above mentioned preventive measures.
In all, we will find that hair loss is prevalent among the youth. This all is because of their unhealthy habits in maintaining the proper hair health and health of the being. One needs to have a hygienic diet comprising of proteins, minerals, enzymes that are beneficial for maintaining the requisite oil and promote the proper growth of the hair follicles.

The Bottom Line

This is the ultimate key to avoid instances of hair fall. If in case, hair fall occurs, then one should maintain proper medication and proper preventive measures that will help in reducing the chances of hair fall and promoting the chances of healthy hair growth. If such a schedule is followed, the hair follicles grow well and show good hair growth.


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