Different Types of Web Hosting Servers!


Web hosting service is a type of internet hosting service which allows the individuals and businesses to start and operate their website accessible through the World Wide Web. The companies which offer the service of web hosting and provide space on their server are known as web hosts. It also provides internet connectivity in a data center. There are different types of web hosting servers available and all of them cater to a particular set of individuals and businesses. We have provided you an insight into the world of web hosting below.


1. Smaller Hosting Services

Web page and small scale file hosting are the most basic where filed can be uploaded via File Transfer Protocol. The files are delivered to the web with minimum processing. Different companies offer free web hosting service with limited services, sometimes supported by advertisements. For personal web pages, single page hosting is sufficient. It is typically free or inexpensive. Business web site hosting often has a higher expense as it depends upon the size and type of the site.

2. Larger Hosting Services

Many large companies need to be connected to the web permanently to send email, files, etc. to other sites. Some of these companies are not Internet service providers so, they may use the computer as a website host to provide details of their goods and services and facilities for online order.

Types Of Web Hosting Servers

Web hosting needs increase and become more complex when the online business grows. During the startup phase of any online business, free and inexpensive web hosting plans may be fine but once it continues to grow and gets more website traffic, one may start looking up for a better web server. Web hosting servers have a wide scope and vary greatly. Different types of web hosting servers are mentioned below.


Shared Web Hosting Service

It is perfect for the entry level web hosting as it minimizes the cost. This is where your website hosted on a server will be shared by other websites. Same server resources, such as RAM and CPU, is shared by all domains. The biggest advantage of shared web hosting is the easily affordable shared cost while the disadvantage is that you’re at the mercy of the other sites on your servers. The performance of your site may be adversely affected by a really popular site. The features of this type of website are quite basic and not flexible in terms of software and updates.

Reseller Web Hosting

It allows clients to become web hosts themselves. It comes with greater technical control. It also offers billing software to help users to invoice their clients. It also offers many other extra perks too. Some perks include having free website templates, white label technical support and private name servers.

Cloud Hosting

Cloud based web hosting is a new hosting technology that lets many individual servers to work together. The advantage of this type of web hosting is that it can accommodate even accommodate an unusual surge in the website traffic. It is also scalable, what this essentially means is that your site can grow over time, using as many resources as it requires. Cloud hosting is highly beneficial and cost effective as it charges users only for the resources consumed by them.

Virtual Private Server

Virtual private server divides server resources into virtual servers. They share one physical server but act like multiple and separate servers. The users of this web hosting may have root access to their virtual space. Sometimes, the customers are themselves responsible for patching and maintaining the server.

Dedicated Web Server

When you have a dedicated server it means that the user gets his own web server and gains full control over it however, the user does not own the server. The server is exclusively rented by the user. Since the user has full control over the server, he is responsible for its security and maintenance. Self-managed or unmanaged is one type of dedicated hosting.

Colocation Web Hosting

Colocation web hosting is the most powerful and expensive type of web hosting service. When you co-locate, it means that you rent a rack space in a colocation center for your equipment. The center provides with power, bandwidth, IP address and cooling systems that your server needs. This means that you are expected to take care of everything including the hardware, software and services.

Managed Word Press Hosting

WordPress is currently the world’s most popular website building tool. WordPress gives you access to hundreds and hundreds of free themes which allow you to simplify designing your website. WordPress allows you to add powerful features in a very few clicks. Managed WordPress hosting gives you the advantage to maintain your website without actually having to learn much about making a website.

Managed WordPress hosting is considered better than other web hosting services if you are a beginning venturing out into the world of websites.

The Bottom Line

Thus, we discussed the different types of web hosting servers available in the market. We also talked about the advantages of the different web hosting servers and the advantages they offer in addition to the purpose they serve to different individuals and businesses.


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