Drugs That Can Cause Hair Loss


Hair Loss can occur for several reasons. Sometimes it happens due to stress and even the use of hard chemicals or heat in the hair. In some cases, hair loss occurs due to a serious condition. These conditions include thyroid problems, as well as cancer and even chronic depression.

Hormonal Changes

The hormonal imbalance caused by the interruption of contraceptive pills, menopause, and childbirth leads to temporary hair loss. Better stress management, proper nutrition, good rest, exercise and proper medication can help the individual to solve these difficulties more quickly and easily.

Chronic Depression

When hair loss occurs due to chronic depression, a man or woman who suffers from it can take medication and seek treatment. The body produces such a high level of cortisol that it begins to fall into the hair. For some people, they go out in groups. The natural product for regeneration is the best, especially if it stimulates the hair follicles to become more intense and stronger. It’s better to catch them before it’s too late. Hair loss can increase the voltage level considerably. It is sad to see how the beloved hair falls in one piece. This can only cause an increase in stress levels, it simply leads to more hair loss. Women seem to notice this more than men, making it more impact.

Thyroid Problems 

In addition, any hypothyroidism can cause hair loss. This is due to hormonal imbalance. Women seem to lose more hair when they have hypothyroidism and hypothyroidism. Fortunately, there are many treatments that can solve the problem. It is always best to start a treatment plan before the symptoms become too severe to manage them properly. If you’re lucky, most of what you lost will grow! The thyroid gland has a strong effect on metabolism. When the thyroid gland does not function properly, you must deal with many unpleasant symptoms, such as weight gain, irritability, depression, weakness and hair loss. Synthetic medications for the thyroid are based on normal levels of the hormone, which results in the appearance of hair.


Many women between the ages of 20 and 50 suffer from anemia, an iron deficiency disorder. The number of red blood cells is lower than normal, and the body is deprived of enough oxygen. This leads to several health problems, including fine hair. In addition to consuming iron supplements recommended by your doctor, you should go to iron-rich foods: beef, fish, beans, corn leaf vegetables that are eaten with foods that contain vitamin C. Vitamin C increases the absorption of iron and increases immunity.

Head Injuries

Infections of the skin on the head cause hair loss when not treated properly. Ringworm, a fungal infection that attacks the scalp, causes areas affected by itching and hair loss. In general, local creams work well, but if the injury persists, doctors prescribe antibiotic treatment.  Cancer Hair loss is one of the most important symptoms of cancer. Before chemotherapy, hair loss can occur as a symptom or a serious medical problem. When someone starts losing their hair because of this, it is very important to seek medical help first. Then you can imagine using hair reproduction treatments to accelerate hair growth.

Vitamin B Deficiency 

Another factor that causes problems with hair, low levels of vitamin B should improve your daily diet with poker rum is rich in vitamin B, such as red meat, mushrooms, watermelons, peanuts, eggs, fish, liver, bananas, whole grains, green leaves.


Alopecia occurs when the immune system overreacts and attacks the hair follicles, which causes the bald to accidentally reduce the scalp. Treatment includes injections of steroids, topical corticosteroids, and medications (Rogin). The results of the treatment are visible when the immune system begins to receive the correct signals, its activity changes to normal and the hair grows back.


The drugs that cause hair loss can be beneficial or dangerous. It all depends on whether the medications are used to treat another condition. If the medication that causes hair loss is treated as a procedure, that means that the body will recover completely after receiving the treatment. If you take the drug for pleasure or self-satisfaction, you should be careful because the abuse of this drug is very easy. If this happens, they may become bald. Such forms of alopecia can only be treated if patients discontinue this medication. The wigs are made of human or synthetic hair, all of which have their own characteristics and properties. No matter what type of wigs you prefer, they help you to feel better and look good at the same time.


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