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Forex is an abbreviation for foreign exchange. Trading forex involves sale or purchase of foreign currency pairs. Multinational companies operating in different nations and their business depend upon the exchange rate of currency in the two nations. You can find an ample number of articles citing the benefits and the dynamic nature of the forex trading.

Forex Trading is not easy and simple. People usually confuse forex trading with trading stocks and follow the stock tips in order to understand the forex market. Forex options and currency trading options help the investors build a clear image and better clarity about the concept. Without actually purchasing, the investor reserves the rights to the future purchase,


In order to start with any investment plan or any trading option, it is better to have a clear picture of the forex trading. Forex options and currency trading options are powerful tools that help the investor build strategy before they trade. Without actually investing in the currency pairs, an investor can have a clear image of the profit and risks involved.

Important trading options in the forex trading such as margin balance and leverage are available to the investor. Investing money in forex trading using leverage involves higher risks. Through forex options, the user gets a clear image of the consequences of trading at the margin. In order to cap the upside and the downside, currency-trading options extend the helping hand. An investor can minimize the risk and cap the profits involved.


It is very important to learn about the important terminology in order to understand or express the current situation. In forex options and currency trading options, every move of the investor and scenario of the market are specified using certain terms.


In order to purchase the forex option, the investor needs to pay the upfront cost that reserves the right of the investor without any obligation. This upfront cost is known as the premium. In a way, the investor ensures the purchase in the form of a contract with the seller.

Exercise Price

Once the investor pays the premium to purchase the currency exchange option, the selling or buying price of the currency is reserved. This price is generally termed an exercise price or strike price.

Expiry Date

You cannot reserve a lifetime right to sell or purchase the currency at reserved exchange rate if you hold the currency exchange option. The rights can be exercised until the last date on the option contract and are known as the expiry date.


The basis of the forex option or currency trading option is that the investor can decide the delivery of the assets. The act of informing or notifying the seller about the delivery you intend to take is known as exercise the forex trading market.

Delivery Date

If you exercise, the forex option to decide the date on which the currency exchange will take place, experts call it the delivery date in the forex trading market.

Types Of Forex Options And Currency Trading Option

The forex option and currency trading options are generally of two types, traditional option, and flexible option. Put option and call option are the two types of traditional forex options available. There is one flexible option available and is known as single payment option trading or SPOT option. The basis of the classification is the interest rate on the currency pair in the future.

Call And Put Option

As fundamental in the forex option and currency trading options available in the forex trading market, the investors reserves the right to sell or purchase the currency pair without any obligation if he holds the traditional options. The traditional option holder can exchange the currency in the future at a fixed interest rate and exchange rate.

Both the call option and the put option are traditional currency trading option. The investors reserve the same rights in both options. The fundamental difference is, the call option is for the buyers, and the put option is for the sellers. Based on the option you hold you can sell or purchase the currency pair at a pre-decided rate up to the last date.


SPOT Option

Single payment option trading or SPOT option is different from the traditional forex options and currency trading options. The retail traders in the forex trading market can avail this option if they want a flexible trade option. The cost of the SPOT option is higher as compared to the traditional put and call option.

The execution of the option is very easy. In order to understand the SPOT options consider an example. For suppose you purchased the SPOT option and you decide that 3 weeks from now the currency exchange will execute at exchange rate above 1.6. This means that after 3 weeks automatic payment will occur. The SPOT option converts to cash to execute the currency exchange.


In order to minimize the risk and lock the profits in the forex trading market, forex options and currency trading option are best provisions. You can buy the option in order to reserve your right to sell or purchase the currency pair without any obligation. You pay the premium to buy the option and can exercise the trade up to the expiry date. Both traditional and flexible options are available in the forex trading market depending upon your need. It is always good to hold the forex option and avail the benefit of trading at the decided rate.


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