Hair Loss Styling Tips For Women!



The day a woman observes that her hair fall pattern has changed and more hair are coming out from the scalp while brushing, styling or washing them, that day is no less than the end of the world for her. We lose hair due to a lot of reasons including immune disorder, hormonal changes, extensive stress or trauma, pregnancy, and childbirth or an inherited gift from the forefathers suffering from hair fall. Aging is also accompanied by thinning and loss of hair and women in no age stop worrying about their appearance. There is no need to worry just change the way you style your hair and hair will look thicker than earlier.


Hair Styling Tips

There are a large number of styling options available for women which will not only enhance the appearance of their head but will also rebuild their self-confidence and make them bolder by hiding all signs of baldness. Most of the women assume the thinning and loss of hair as a widening effect which will ultimately turn all their hair thin. Hair might be lost or turn thin due to the side effect of medicines and can be restored by proper treatment. But this will take a few months and till then opt for the available styling options to look graceful and confident.

Cut Your Hair Down

It is a myth that cutting the hair might turn down their thickness. Cutting the hair actually improves the volume of hair as short hair unlike long tresses do not look stringy and fall apart rather they look fuller. Stylists also suggest that fine hair look best when its length is shorter and near the collarbone. Suggested haircuts for thicker appearance include lobs, bobs or blunt pixie cuts. Such cuts with microlayers visually look thicker and they do not fall flat.

You need to be very careful while choosing the haircut. Consult your stylist for this sake and opt for a haircut that thickens your hair in the middle. The region on the scalp most prone to hair fall is the crown. Though getting the right haircut is helpful but in case the wrong haircut is taken it will make the situation even worse. One such haircut is bangs, in which hair fall on the forehead just above the eyebrow and hair on the crown become thin. Instead, use Velcro or hot rollers which will prevent the hair from falling straight and will become fluffy and volume will look more as compared to earlier.

Use Wig Or Hair Pieces

Another option available is the use of hairpiece or wig. You can ask for the wig of any color, style, size, density, and price according to your choice. Use of wig provides you with instant hair styling option that looks no different from natural hair. You can even get a wig made of natural hair that comes with high longevity and is much durable. Small hair pieces are also available that covers the bald spots much easily and looks very natural. It is better to use a wig of customized style rather than getting your hair cut or processed. Artificial hair wig comes with an added advantage of low price and zero maintenance. So choose the hair that suits you and wear them when needed.

Color Your Hair

Another solution to style your hair in order to enhance their look is to color your hair and provide the right texture to them. Right color contrast and the combination will not only enhance the appearance but will also seemingly enhance the volume. The best color combination to be used is to use a darker shade of color on the scalp and color rest of the hair with a shade lighter than the scalp. This color combination creates an illusion in the mind of the viewer that hair is fuller and dense and all the spots of hair loss are well covered.

Use The Right Styling Products

In order to ensure that the styling options prove to be more effective, you need to ensure that right styling and hair products are used. The basis of hair styling for thin hair is to keep them clean and dry only then they will look fluffy instead of pressed sticking texture. Keep in mind to wash your hair regular as this will free your hair from oil and dirt and will increase their volume virtually. Oily hair sticks to each other and looks thinner than usual. Use of blow drier should also be learned so that you don’t damage the hair.

Avoid using regular shampoo and oil instead use the special styling products that are made in order to provide more volume to the hair by increasing their diameter. Instead of normal wax sprays use special volume increasing hair sprays which give instant thickening and more volume to your hair. Forget about making the hair smooth and moisturized as this will make them thin. The rough texture is better for thin and deficient hair. Also, avoid tying your hair and keep them open and airy.


Hair for women is very crucial and they are always worried about the style of their hair. Pollution, hormonal changes, genetic disorder, a side effect of medications, chemotherapy etc., increase the hair loss in women and instead of panicking about this situation try to find the proper treatment for this cause. Keeping the treatment consistent use of hair styling techniques may help at increasing the visual thickness and volume of hair and will recover the women from stress and depression due to hair loss and rebuild the self-confidence in them. Use your hair products with great caution as the use of synthetic harmful hair products may lead to more loss of hair. Use the product and style that suits you and stay calm and confident.


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