Hair Loss Treatment: Tagamet



Hair has its own cycle in which they grow, fall and then regrow. Hair fall is normal, we lose hair almost every day during styling them and washing them. But if this hair fall becomes unusual you need pay attention to this. Hair loss may be due to deficiency of nutrients, the side effect of medicines and many other reasons but there are universal solutions available that may help you track down hair fall. Having a nutritious diet is one such solution which is always effective. When it comes to using medicines you need to be very careful as they come with a lot of side effects but Tagamet can be consumed safely under the consultancy of a doctor with few precautions.

Use Of Tagamet

Tagamet or cimetidine is a medicine that has become popular in the 1970s not for treating hair fall but was prescribed in order to treat gastroesophageal reflux disease as it was very effective at easing the stomach, esophagus, and duodenum. Later in mid-1980s researchers started to explore more benefits of this medicine and came to know about its miraculous effect at disabling tumors and expanding the survival rates. Studies continued to find the effect of Tagamet on other health problems and it was observed that it helped to control the genetic hair fall. It is most effective at treating women suffering from genetic hair fall problem and if has least side-effects on them.


Pros Of Tagamet

People get very surprised and try to co-relate the acid in the stomach with hair fall due to the effectiveness of medicine on both the problems. It is true that intake of Tagamet cure both the health problems but the two disorders are nowhere linked and cause each other. Tagamet work against the hormones that are responsible for hair loss in both men and women and is generally termed as androgenetic alopecia which is a general genetic disorder. Along with this it partially blocks dihydrotestosterone from attacking hair follicles and prevent hair loss. Hence, Tagamet affects both androgen and DHT and both these in excess might cause hair loss.

Cons and Side effects

Tagamet has miraculous medicinal properties and is very effective at suppressing acid production in the stomach, genetic hair loss and even treat hazardous diseases like cancer. But it has other effects too. As far as the use of this medicine for hair loss treatment is concerned it needs to be taken under the supervision of doctor it does pose minor effects on health. Some of the minor effects include- dizziness, diarrhea, headache, nausea, nervousness, sleepiness and one of the most disastrous effect is swelling of the breast in men. In rare cases, Tagamet also posed some serious effects like depression, sense of confusion and hallucinations.


Even if the medicine is very effective but there are certain prohibitions and it cannot be equally consumed by anyone or everyone. First of all, it should never be consumed by pregnant women. During pregnancy, the female body undergoes a lot of hormonal changes and use of Tagamet might put the life of mother or child or both at risk, therefore, it should be prohibited in pregnancy. People who are allergic to cimetidine should never consume it as it already has a lot of minor and major effects and allergy may trigger the health issues and make the situation even worse.

People consuming medicines like ketoconazole, antacids or any anti-depressants should never consume Tagamet. The use of this medicine instead of improving the health might turn into worse and even suppress the effect of the above-mentioned drugs and can even invite other health problems. In some cases, the overdose of this medicine proved to be very effective at treating androgenetic hair loss in women but the same does not apply to men. An overdose of this medicine causes a sexual problem and other side effects in males. So this medicine is of more use to women as compared to men.


Make one thing very clear not to take any medicine without prescription of doctor or consultancy of the good medical practitioner. If you want to cure hair loss by using Tagamet than be double sure about it and never take a dose beyond the prescription of the doctor. Tagamet is not the first-line treatment for hair loss and is even not recommended by some food and drug administrations for treatment of hair loss. Therefore it is sold over the counter by using off-label for hair loss. By showing the prescription Tagamet can be purchased from pharmacies in the form of a pill or liquid medication.

The Bottom Line

Cimetidine or Tagamet is a miraculous drug and is effective at treating a lot of diseases including cancer, suppressing tumor, gastroesophageal reflux disease and hair loss. Each medicine has its pros, cons, and side-effects and same is with Tagamet. It has a lot of minor and major effects which include nausea, dizziness, diarrhea, headache, depression, and hallucination etc. but with a controlled and protective dosage of this medicine it can treat the genetic hair loss problem in men and even more effectively in women. Continued research and development are being made at making this medicine more safe and effective. Meanwhile, you can consult the doctor for prescribing the medicine and control the genetic hair loss problem.


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