How do Web Hosting Service Providers Enhance SEO Performance?


SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization and is one of the most influential online marketing methods. Through organic search engine results, it increases the quantity and quality of traffic to your website, thus making it one of the most influential marketing methods available online. This technique focuses on enhancing a website’s ranking in various search engines as suggested by the name SE (search engine).

There are various techniques and things one has to keep in mind to enhance SEO performance and to get a better ranking in the search engine. Using keywords and links, for example, are not sufficient to better the results; web hosting providers are also required to boost the performance of SEO. Here are some tips focusing on how web hosting providers enhance SEO performance?

But before going through the tips here are some technical words which will be used below and one should know there meaning such as web hosting, cloud hosting, and domain names and managed word press hosting.

Web Hosting

It is a service provided with the help of the World Wide Web which allows the individuals and organizations to make their websites available. It is a necessity for your website as it provides a physical location to your website.


Cloud Hosting

It is a service provided to customers via multiple connected servers which comprises of the cloud, it is basically done for the purpose of backup. Hardware failures do not result in data loss.

Domain Names

It is the name which helps to identify the website and the individual whom it belongs to. Just like people have names to distinguish them from others similarly websites have names in order to distinguish them from others and know whom it belongs to.

Managed Word Press Hosting

It is a service where the host manages all the technical aspects of running a word press such as updates, speed, daily backups, security, uptime, etc. You do not have to worry about anything word press optimizes your website, ensures its security and daily backups.

Better Performance of SEO Through The Right Web Hosting Provider

People have a general question about what web hosting has to do with SEO. SEO has everything to do with web hosting. Better is the web hosting better is the ranking of your website as announced by Google i.e., page speed is a very important factor in ranking algorithms. Faster the page loads and reloads on your computer better are the ranking thus, enhancing your performance. Since common SEO practice is related to website coding such as using mega description tags, tag titles, H2, H1 tags, etc. Thus, choosing the right web hosting provider is very important for enhancing your SEO performance.

There are different types of web hosting such as free web hosting, shared web hosting, a dedicated server, cloud hosting the list goes on and on. The main thing to focus here is how well the web hosting provider manages your website and you can enjoy all the benefits. To start with one can use the free web hosting and maybe then shift to another as shifting is also important for better web space. Also despite being a respectful web hosting provider one might not be able to deliver all the promises promised.

Website creation, domain names, web design, scripting, database, e-commerce, keywords, search engine optimizations, links, mega description tags, disk space, IP address, client emails etc. are very important for making sure your website has a good ranking which a web hosting provider provides and help you to make sure your website has an edge over others.

Web Security

Choosing the right web hosting comes with an additional point of web security. Google directs the user to pages which are well secured, thus a well designed website will be free from malware and associated spam and have better ranking again highlighting the importance of web hosting for better performance. Security of your website is very important as it will help you from being victimized.

Location and Server Performance

Location and performance of the server are also very important for better results. Server locations are advised to be kept near you in order to target nearby audience. Server performance is a major element and includes speed and downtime.


By choosing a good web hosting provider half of the ranking battle is won and the other half depends upon the security, location, and performance of the server. One should change the web hosting providers if the results are not up to the mark and they are unable to deliver the promises made by them.


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