How To Activate Web Hosting Subscription?



In order to start an online business or publish your literature or your research work online, you need to subscribe to a web hosting service. There are ample numbers of options available to choose from. Based upon the requirement, the user may select the shared server option or the dedicated server option. The speed and storage capabilities vary accordingly.

Latest technological development in web hosting services is the cloud hosting that allows dynamic changes in speed and storage. Most of the users new to the online market encounter problem in activating their web hosting subscription. A generalized procedure for existing web hosting companies may help the users activate the web hosting subscription easily.

Subscription Activation

In order to activate the web hosting subscription user need to follow certain guidelines. Generally, after identity verification and system compatibility check the web hosting subscription is activated. The method of the activation varies in accordance with the payment method used by the consumers. Generally, payment for the web hosting subscription can be done online or through bank transfer.

For Online Payment

The cost for the web hosting subscription can be paid through online options available. Generally, the options available include payment through PayPal, digital wallets, credit cards or debit cards, etc. Once the online transaction is complete, the user will receive a confirmation mail from the service provider. Generally, the email is sent to check the credentials of web hosting and domains names and to create a password for the web hosting service.

Within five minutes of the online payment, the web hosting subscription is activated. In some cases, the activation is on hold in order to verify the transaction details. Upon verification, the service provider activates the subscription. Some service providers allow users to create multiple domain names or re-subscribe previous credentials. In this case, the activation is on hold until the users confirm the credentials of the web hosting services.

For Offline Payment

It is not necessary for consumers to pay the web hosting subscription fees through online payment. In case the payment is done through bank transfer or through check, the activation of the subscribed web services may be delayed due to payment verification. Web hosting companies provide the user with two-activation option depending upon the stage of the verification.

Online Activation

The first option available is online activation using the activation code sent to the registered mobile number through SMS. All the web-hosting companies provide this option through their websites. The user needs to fill the activation code and verify the details of the subscribed web hosting service and the domain names before the subscription is activated. Sometimes the service provider may send the activation mail after verifying the payment status.


Domain Activation Form

In case the user has not received the activation code or the activation mail, the second option available is to submit the domain activation form. Generally, the domain activation form is available on the website of the service provider or you may ask the service provider to send it through the mail. The user needs to fill and submit the domain activation for activation of the subscribed services.

The first step is to download the form from the website of the service provider. Print the form and fill the domain name in the desired place. The user needs to sign the activation form and submit it to the company. Preferably, the activation form can be sent by scanning the hard copy and mail it to the service provider. The service provider will generate the activation code and will generate an instruction email for ease inactivation.

WordPress Activation

Users who wish to publish content and develop an informative online platform need to opt for managed WordPress hosting. For that, you need to install the WordPress application through the website of the service provider. Once you install the application, you need to fill the desired form in order to furnish the details of web hosting and domains names. Following the steps, WordPress activation with the web hosting account is completed.

The Bottom Line

The web hosting services purchased needed activation in order to publish the online services of the users. General procedure for the activation will help the user activate the subscribed web services, irrespective of the hosting service provider. There might be minor changes in the activation procedure but the basis of activation is the same.

Feel free to call the service provider for any assistance or troubleshooting. Timely subscription and activation of the web hosting services influence the companies to maintain the quality of the online through business through maximum uptime. Choose the right combination of the price and the services in order to extract the maximum out of the investment.


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