How to Activate Web Hosting Subscription?


Web hosting is a technology that allows an individual, company or an organization to design and post a website of their organization or service on to the internet. The web hosting service provider gives you the technology and service needed for the website to be viewed on the internet by the users. These websites are made and stored in a separate network or computer called server.

Whenever a user wants to gain access to your website, they simply type the web address in their browser. The computer will connect it to the server where the website is stored and web pages will be delivered to you on your browser screen. It is measured in the form of disk space you have been allotted on the server and the amount of data transfer you need for accessing the server.

Steps To Activate And Setup Your Website


There are two options by which you can get a domain. You can either own your domain name or purchase a readymade domain name. You must have access to the internet for web hosting.

There are many web hosting plans available, such as essential web hosting plan or advanced web hosting plan. Many optional add on products are also available which you can select as per the need of your website.

Choose A Domain

While choosing the domain, you have three options available. The first one is to purchase a new domain for your website. The second option is to transfer an existing domain. In this option, you must note that a domain has been registered for longer than 60 days in order to transfer it to you. The third option is to use your current registrar.

After both these steps have been completed, you are directed to the cart, where you have to verify your order and proceed to check out. After buying the domain, go to your profile, click the web hosting tab on your dashboard and then click to manage your application, database, web mail etc. After you receive the confirmation that your order for website has been placed successfully, it will usually take up to 30 minutes for your hosting package to be active.

Once your profile has been activated successfully, you will receive your hosting welcome guide with all the details of the login. Once you have subscribed to the plan, you can perform your desired operation with their subscription.


Why Web Hosting Is Important?

Web hosting is important for people who are operating a business which works online. Web hosting in a planned and professional manner can play a huge rule in the growth of the company. It can help your business in getting incredible results. When you purchase a professional web hosting service it is a confirmation that your website will be updated with latest up-gradations and updates. Always note down some points before going for web hosting provider:


There are many web hosting providers available on the web. Before choosing a web hosting and domain name provider, do not go for the unreliable ones. Many providers are not highly reliable and can easily be hacked because they do not provide any security measures. Therefore going with a professional web hosting provider is a best option for all your needs.

Technical support

Always emphasize on the importance of technical assistance for customers as it is the important aspect of your website. Any kind of technical glitch can shut down your website for an indefinite period due to lack of proper customer support to fix it. So always go with a professional web hosting provider who provide you round the clock technical assistance who provide you with professional support and resolve you issues quickly.

Data Management

Professional web hosting provider give you complete control over content management. You can post all you stuff as per your choice and can decide how they will appear on your website. There is no limitation on the number of times you can post your content on your website.

Unlimited Space

A professional web hosting provider gives you the option to choose the data space as per your requirement and you can also upgrade or downgrade it at any point of time. They also provide you with cloud hosting.

Design and Style

Many web hosting and domain name provider restricts you for the selection of design and templates of your website which can make your website look unprofessional. But considering a professional web hosting provider it gives you unlimited access to large number of design and templates and technologies related to it. A website with a good design shows you designing creativity.

The Bottom Line

You can get your web hosting subscription activated easily if you sincerely follow the steps given above. There are many other major benefits such as more security, data recovery etc. You should always analyze various web hosting providers before you choose the right one as per your needs. Always consider a professional web hosting provider in order to get the maximum benefits out of it because you cannot compromise the performance of your website which acts as the face of your company of your business.


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