How To Apply To An Online University In US?


Online Education

Online education is an electronically supported learning medium. It relies on the internet for teacher and student interaction. All the study material is distributed online. It is learning outside of traditional classrooms and away from college campuses. It is much more flexible and accessible than a traditional classroom as students can learn from anywhere and anytime. The only requirement for online learning is access to internet and electricity. If it is used to its full potential, then online education can prove to be more effective than classroom learning.

How To Apply For Online University Program?

Applying for distance learning programs is not much different from applying for any on-campus program. You can apply any time for an online degree. To add to this, there is no selection criteria based on excellence. You may even be allowed to enroll without taking into consideration your educational background.

Steps To Apply To An Online University Are –

1. Select the online university and programs you want to apply to. Make a list of few universities and online programs you wish to apply so that there are higher chances of you getting accepted.

2. Check admission deadlines. For traditional learning there are usually two admission sessions per year but for distance learning there are four or five submission deadlines per academic year. This makes the admission procedure more flexible.

3. Complete the online application form. It will require you to create an account and add your personal information. It will also involve you to upload some documents regarding your identity and educational qualification. Some of the documents which you might have to upload are-
a) Copy of your passport
b) Copies of your previous qualifications and degrees
c) Recommendations from former professors or employers
d) Any other document regarding the study program or degree that you wish to choose

Some universities may accept applications by post.

4. Prepare for the admission interview. Some universities may require an interview before giving you admission. The interview can be either telephonic or online through any medium say, Skype. During the interview may sure that you have a good internet connection and your web camera is working. Dress formally for the interview and have a clear or plain background.

Prepare answers to some possible questions like-

a) Why did you choose this program?
b) What special skills do you posses?
c) Why should we choose you?

5. After the application process comes the enrollment procedure. The enrollment can be done online. It may require you to pay full or partial tuition fee. Once the enrollment is done make sure that you have a reliable computer, a good internet connection and access to the required software which is used by your online university.

The application and enrollment process for online education is more flexible, more frequent and does not require the applicant to be physically present throughout the entire process.


Universities Which Offer Distance Learning In US With Application Links

1. Penn State Wold Campus

It has been offering students online education since 1998. It offers over 150 degrees and certificate programs online, These courses are taught by Penn State professors. You can complete your program at your own speed.

Application link-

2. Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University

It has been offering online program since their launch of first online portal in 1993. It offers diverse selection of degree in aeronautics or engineering. They have innovative programs which rank highly and offer high return on investment.

Application link-

3. Arizona State University

It serves as a huge online student body with over 25,000 students enrolled in one of their 150+ online programs. It constantly removes barriers for students to attend a nationally ranked university.

Application link-

4. University of Florida Distance Learning

This university is breaking down geographical barriers to higher education. It offers access to more than 200 online undergraduate and graduate degree and certificate programs. It also offers various professional development courses online for working professionals.

Application link-

5. University of Illinois at Chicago

The university has been offering distance learning for a decade. It offers over 45 degrees at undergraduate level. Courses are taught by on campus professors. Live technical support is available.

Application link-

6. University of Central Florida

It has been offering online programs for the last 20 years and has over 8000 students online. Over 80 accredited online degree programs are now available in this institute.

Application link-

7. Colorado State University Global Campus

It was the first independent online state university in the US and now has an online student body of over 15,000. It offer 24 accredited degree programs.

Application link-

8. University of Illinois (Springfield)

It is widely acclaimed for its leadership in online learning. It offers over 45 degree, certification and graduate certificate programs. It offers top notch faculty and online resources.

Application link-

Benefits Of Online Education

1. Education from an online university is flexible as students have freedom and power over how they want to delegate their time towards their other projects and commitments.

2. Degree from an online university costs less as there is no cost of commuting and the fees is also less.

3. Online education provides network opportunity as the students get a chance to meet peers across nations or even different continents. It also makes them culturally sensitive and gives them exposure to other cultures which makes them fit into other environment easily.

4. Online education helps the student to get personalized attention which he might not get in traditional classrooms. This, it thus helps the students to improve and perform well.

The Bottom Line

We see that an online university has its own benefits as compared to traditional university while pursuing a degree of your choice. The online university allows you to even pursue a degree which you could not study in a traditional university. An online university is also cheap when compared to traditional learning. You can also get your degree while working at the same time. Thus, giving you a lot of leverage. Hence, we can also say that education from an online university can be beneficial to you in many aspects.


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