How To Get Drug And Alcohol Rehab Insurance Coverage?



Drugs and alcohol have become prevalent among the youth and almost every person is struck with any sort of addiction. Either it’s cigarette smoking, drinking alcohol, etc. The individual hardly has any control over his mind and the thinking process and is recklessly wasting his time, money and health on such a waste.

One must consider the fact that every individual has bought any sort of health insurance plan. But the question that again arises is whether your current insurance plan covers drugs and alcohol rehab coverage or not. This is among the important term that’s generally missed by the policyholder. So the article will focus on how to check whether our insurance cover includes drug and alcohol rehab coverage or not. If not, then what would be an effective procedure to get insured will also be discussed further within this article.

Steps To Get Drug And Alcohol Rehab Insurance Coverage

So the basic step within this is that the person should reach out the insurance company and prepare a list of specific questions that are mandatory to be discussed in contrast with the different stages of drug and alcohol rehab. Some of the questions that are generally asked include:

  • Does my insurance coverage include each phase of drug or alcohol rehab? The fact is simple that during the rehab process, there are several phases like detox, impatient, and aftercare. One needs to be aware whether all the phases are covered within the coverage or not.
  • Does the policy cover the different medication prescribed during the drug and alcohol rehab? It’s simple that to get rid of such an addiction, it’s a long process and involves certain medication as well. It needs to be confirmed that the policy allows and covers the intake of the prescribed medication during the period of drug and alcohol rehab.
  • As most of the rehab programs come up with different counseling sessions so the question arises is whether the insurance coverage covers the different types of counseling programs often included in the substance abuse and rehab treatment programs.
  • Consider that the policyholder plans to get the treatment and then the question that arises is that what would be the deductible to undergo the treatment?
  • What all rehab treatment programs are covered under my policy?


Like this, there are several questions that may arise, and all of them need to be cleared so that no issue arises while utilizing the insurance coverage. The primary step is to provide all the information and maintain total transparency that’s mandatory to avail the coverage and avail the required medical services. There are some additional programs offered like:


Medicaid is a federal and state funded program created in 1965 with the motive to provide health insurance to the ones having low income. The fact is that the drug and alcohol rehab treatment is costly and out of reach of the people having lower income. But a change and getting rid of the addiction is a must. This all is made possible with the introduction of Medicaid which primarily focuses on the treatment of all the sufferers. Furthermore, we will find that the program policies vary from state to state and all treatment facilities don’t accept Medicaid insurance coverage as the mode of payment. So one can check to that and buy the insurance coverage.


It is another federal and state-funded program established in 1965. This program provides coverage to people older than 65 having any sort of disability, and all this is done regardless of the person’s income. In some of the cases, people qualify for both Medicaid and Medicare insurance coverage.

Medicare provides coverage for substance abuse and addiction treatment in the following cases:

  • When the doctor declares that substance abuse treatment is necessary and fed necessary as a part of the treatment.
  • When the treatment is provided by Medicare provider

Moreover, getting the drug and alcohol rehab coverage is as simple as getting another insurance type. But the thing is clear that the user needs to be aware of all the terms and conditions, and further, be aware of the different stages that would be covered by the insurance coverage. The fact is that there are different steps and different counseling sessions is also included within the treatment program. Unless specified during the coverage, the insurance provider may not provide the whole deductible. Once everything is mentioned within the plan, the premium is set and paid on time.

Then we will find that the insurance coverage helps a lot in getting the proper treatment.

Mostly all the things that need to be verified are specified within the article. But one important thing is the inclusion of the sober house. Sober living houses are provided to the ones who need to be kept in a safe drug-free environment, generally at the early stages of treatment. This all can be provided by your insurance provider if mentioned and described in the policy.

The Bottom Line

In all, we will find that this is an important coverage as one might not be able to afford the high treatment cost of drug and alcohol rehabilitation and may eventually lose the hope for treatment and a change in living standards. Alcohol and rehab coverage has allowed people to recognize themselves and live a drug-free life.


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