Is Weight Loss Possible Just By Eating Healthy?



For all those worried about losing weight, the most difficult decision to be made is how to start. The increased weight triggers the stress and comments by friends and family make it even worse. Dieticians, doctors, gym trainers etc., all come up with a different set of solutions that are medically and scientifically proven but not necessarily best suited for people of all age group with different metabolism. Therefore in order to figure out the best-suited way a right blend of exercise and healthy food is recommended.

Algebra Of Calories

In order to understand the measures of weight loss, it is very important to understand the algebra of calories. In most simple words in order to lose weight increase the number of calories burnt than the number of calories consumed. This is the only way in which the weight can be lost as the increased weight is due to the increased amount of fat in the body. Fat is the stored form of energy in our body which acts as a source of energy when needed. When we burn more calories than we consume, then the fat breaks down into simpler sugar which finally breaks down into glucose to fulfill the energy requirements of the body.

In order to create an imbalance between the calories burnt and calories consumed (keeping burnt calories on the heavier side), there are a lot of options available. One of the most common ways opted by the people having more body weight is dieting. There are a lot of diets suggested by the dietitians in order to lose weight. But studies have proved that in order to win the battle of calories even extreme diets fail. The best way to lose weight is to adopt healthy eating habits and club regular exercise with this to burn more calories.


Healthy Food Items Recommended

The biggest question in the mind of those who have made mind to burn calories in order to lose weight is what food items they should eat in order to ensure that no more fat gets stored in their body and trigger more body weight. The list of healthy food items is very long and will not end in a paragraph or two as anything can be made healthy in eating by using the right ingredients and right cooking techniques. In order to start with a habit of eating healthy foods, you need to quit the habits that turn you into a couch or mouse potato.

Put a stop to gain weight by quitting sugary drinks as the number of calories that a serving of drink contains is much more as compared to other foods that you consume daily. The other food items that trigger bad health include processed and fast food as they are a powerhouse of calories and trans fat that not only increase your weight but also increase the level of cholesterol in your blood that can cause a number of heart diseases including cardiac arrest.

Other food items rich in saturated fat, sugar, processed carbohydrates, and salt must be avoided. Enrich your diet with fruits, vegetables, and whole grains as they are a rich source of fiber and they do fill your stomach but they do not increase your weight. Other ingredients like fish, seeds, and nuts also are consumed as the risk of heart diseases is minimized by consuming them. Apart from this, your cooking habits must also be improvised to confirm effective weight loss. Instead of consuming fried food go for baked food items, eat boiled vegetables and cereals than oily dishes which might be good for your taste buds but not for your health.

A Blend Of Exercise Is Needed

Healthy food items may help you sleep with a filled stomach, consuming lesser calories but that does not ensure the optimum weight loss. If you are obese and want to cut down the layers of fat in your body start doing regular exercise that helps you burn more calories. If the busy schedule does not allow you to go to the gym than inculcate the habit of cycling and walking as a way to commute over shorter distances. Join the early morning yoga classes and practice the postures learned. This will help you lose weight and relax your senses.
Eat healthier and exercise hard as this will burn the calories faster. Every individual has different metabolism and the right blend of exercise needed is different for them. Do not practice exercises that are not suitable for your body tone and structure as it may cause a sprain or any other physical breakdown as this will harm your schedule and you may need a day or two off from daily exercise so that your body can recover from pain or injury. Consult the trainer so that he can structure an exercise schedule for you which will help you burn the fat without getting your injured.


More body weight invites more trouble that may cause a number of health issues including heart diseases, high cholesterol, and high blood pressure. Eating healthy food items alone will not help you your lose weight; you need to exercise also so that you can burn more calories. Get yourself diagnosed to know what the root cause behind a slow weight loss pattern is. Ask the dietitian to let you know about your metabolism so that you do not encounter any side effects and lose fat in the most effective way. Also, consult a trainer to know which exercises are best for your body type. Eat healthier and exercise more and cut down the fat that invites only troubles for you.


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