Remodeling? Take Your Home Insurance Into Consideration!


Bored of the old interior of your house or planning to expand your family? The best way to make your entire family comfortable is through remodeling. Does adding new furniture and new paint on the walls count as remodeling? Well no, you need to put a lot of thought on what remodeling is. In a haste of remodeling do not forget about your house insurance if you have one. Remodeling involves some serious changes to your house and thus it is very important to consider your insurance. Addition to your house or updating your kitchen and bathroom will have an impact on your insurance. Insurance might offer you great offers but, for that one has to first consider the insurance.

Talk To Your Insurance Agent

Your first step during reconstruction is to get in touch with your insurance agent and consult them. Check what all is covered in your existing insurance policy such as the remodeling cost, transportation cost of the material etc. You will be amazed to know what all offers an insurance policy provides but people fail to avail them due to asymmetric information. According to your remodeling plan your insurance policy is altered. You can either add to your existing policy or take up a new policy along with the existing policy.

If your house is on loan and the installments are still to be paid off, then insurance policy differs and one should consult an insurance broker or agent before any addition or changes is made to the house. The insurance policy works differently in different circumstances thus, consulting an insurance agent is very important. Do not make yourself vulnerable at the time of need by not updating your insurance policy. If you do not have an insurance policy you should consult an insurance agent and buy one, as it provides many benefits.

What All Is Covered By The Insurance Policy?

When you consult your insurance agent he will be able to tell you what all is covered in the existing policy while you remodel. Construction cost, transportation cost of raw materials, cost of the raw materials, liabilities while constructing there are various other things that one might not be able to think of are covered in insurance policy. Due to lack of information one misses out great benefits. Also one should know that whether an insurance policy will cover the cost of any mishap that might occur during remodeling?

When you remodel your house the cost of your house will go up, thus an agent is required to figure out the exact amounts. Make sure you know what is covered in the existing insurance policy and what will be covered in the new policy in order to save future expenditures which can be saved right now with some proper consultation and planning. Most of the insurance policies provide the cost of replacing old things for new things, so be smart start saving now.


Other Important Details

1. There are simple details that one forgets but should know while remodeling their house and dealing with an insurance agent such as keeping a record of all the bills and receipts. Although the insurance company takes care when it comes to payments and receipts but you should be careful and take care of it as well. One should have a copy of each and every bill before and after the remodeling in order to save yourself from the future troubles if they arise.
2. One should have visual records of their house, thus take photos before and after the remodeling.
3. If you add an office to your house that will be covered in a different policy as it comes under business. Thus, consulting an insurance agent is very important.
4. Keep a separate file with all the records in it.

Remodeling should not be confused with adding some furniture or changing the color of the walls; it is a major decision and thus should be taken with care and in no haste. Consult an insurance broker or agent before any changes are done to the house and consult them properly. Have a detailed conversation about anything and do not feel shy to ask any query that you have. It is your hard earned money that will be spent on the whole process so use it very wisely.

The Bottom Line

Make sure you understand what was your existing policy and what will be your new policy and you are not fooled in any way. Read all the terms and conditions properly and in detail. Make smart decisions and plan everything because it will be you incurring the loss if you do not make wise decisions.


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