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In today’s world, as everything is getting online, trading also is achieving benchmark and most of the trading is done online nowadays. All the purchases and selling of the shares and other trading items are done online and the profit is instantly shared with the investor.
Nowadays, forex options are most widely used and it deals with the sale and purchase of the different currency pairs. Within this, the different currency pairs are bought and sold at different prices, based on the market price and the strike price set while buying of the currency pairs.
Having prior knowledge regarding the forex option is not an easier task as it contains several factors and all of them need to be together considered so as to achieve the best profits from the currency pair invested. The different forex blogs that can be used to have a better understanding of forex and help us earn more profits are:

Forex Factory

Forex factory provides different strategies that can be implemented or followed while different currency pair and analyzing the different trends occurring by having prior knowledge of the factors that could occur in the future. After analysis by the top bloggers, a strategic plan is presented which describes the most demanding currency pair. Depending on the uncertainty, different investors invest in forex options.


FxStreet is the only market where forex hardly takes rest and all the changes occur are experienced because of the never-ending market. The fact is that the traders may sleep whereas the market continues to fluctuate and come up with all the after effects and the essential deliverables.
This blog brings all the Forex community together and provides all the important Forex Review Blogs and trading review blogs. Furthermore, all the market research is done by experienced financial experts, educators and independent analysts.


It is a unique website devoted to integrate Central Bank Insider, Institutional Strategies and institutional trading positions as part of their program and offer FX data on the basis of the price selected. It is amongst the best three forex trading blogs.

Forex Peace Army

This website is responsible for recognizing all the forex scams occurring during the trading process. If a trader becomes a victim of the forex scam, then the trader can Contact the Forex Peace army in order to get the utmost assistance and help the traders in retrieving their money back. Moreover, the blog provides details of the various brokers that may prove out to be a scam and hence, makes the trader cautious before investing and they somehow do the scrutiny before investing.

Baby Pips

This blog is generally used by the beginner who hardly has any knowledge regarding the forex options and wants to learn and invest in the forex options. The blog describes the different aspects, types of options, and all the trading process linked with the forex options.


ZeroHedge is the most popular website in the field of forex trading. This blog has more than 500k followers on Twitter and keeps the traders with the latest facts that they need to remember and implement before trading the currencies with different options.

Advertisement is a comprehensive web portal developed to provide all the financial news, streaming quotes, financial tool and the technical data that needs to be availed to invest and trade in the global market. It keeps an eye on financial markets ranging from currencies, commodities, different options, stock process, and bonds. Readers analyze all the graphs available by the blog and come up with their investing strategy. By providing all the information about the global market, this web portal process makes the trading process to be executed at an ease.


LeapRate is an independent research and advisory firm covering almost all the aspects of online Forex, binary options, and CFD trading. Further, it comes with the Forex broker complaint section which helps in all the issues that arise during the trading.
Consider a case in which you become a victim of forex scam or you aren’t able to withdraw your funds. In such a case, you just need to write to LeapRate and the whole world will know about it. This eventually makes forex ware of the different types of scams occurring and strict action is taken accordingly.


Investopedia is amongst the leading source for providing global financial content. It has more than 20 million visitors and up to 60 million page visits per month. It globally possesses the largest financial education website and all its content is backed by data scientists and financial experts having expertise in the specific fields. All the content uploaded on the website is in contrast with the latest data and trends of the market. Further, one can rely on the genuineness of the content and suggestion can be easy opted in the trading process.

Finance Magnates

Finance Magnates, also known as Forex Magnates is the online hub that has made forex trading easier than before. It provides all the news linked with forex trading. All the data shared on the website is synchronized with the daily market and acts as an important source for the latest retail, institutional, and regulatory Forex news. Because of its exceptional features, it’s widely used by the traders.

MyTrading Hub

This blog covers several topics like Fibonacci, swing levels, support, and resistance, etc. All the posts shared by the blog are comprehensive and provide all the required information linked with the process of currency trading.

The Bottom Line

Together, we will find that foreign exchange trading is not a simple process and requires daily access to the market by considering future perspectives as well. All of this requires a huge knowledge regarding the foreign exchange trading. All this is made possible by such different forex blogs. One can rely on them to analyze the market and then make an effective training and investing strategy.


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