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Forex trading is basically the buying and selling of foreign currency. This is considered as the largest financial market with a daily average turnover of $6 trillion. There are many different currencies in which people can trade in. As you are always buying some other currency with a different currency, therefore you trade in currency pairs. Exchange rates of the currency change all the time, and forex traders try to make profit from this fluctuation of rates.

For example, you are travelling to some other country with different currency and you got to an exchange and use $1000 to buy euros. After a month or two, you come back without spending even a single euro to exchange it back to dollars, but during that week the exchange rate have changed and you get $1010. So you get a profit of $10 by trading currencies.

One of the best things about the forex market is that there is no physical presence of the organization for currency trading. All the transactions are done electronically. Unlike the stock market which opens for specific hours of the day, the forex market remains open all the time with currencies getting traded in every time zone. This is also why it is most liquid financial market of the world.

Top Trading Forex Blogs

Daily FX- Forex Market News

It is one of the top portals for trading in forex, news, charts, indicators and forex analysis. It provides you with all the information you need for the trading in forex.

Link to the website –

Forex Factory

It is a blog for forex trading that is much more helpful for professional forex traders. It provides you with lighting fast forex news, forex forum, and aggregate data of the forex market.

Link –

FX Street- The Foreign Exchange Market:

It is one of the leading sources for the real time forex analysis where you will find everything related to the forex exchange market. This blog helps you to make the best decision in the economic calendar, analysis of the market, newsletter trading and it also provide with the live webinars with the experts on the currency market.

Link –

Baby Pips- Forex Trading:

It is one of the most professional destinations on the web for learning how to trade in forex market. They also offers daily articles on forex news, economic calendar. Everything you need to know before getting started with forex trading is available here. Hence it is considered as one of the best forex trading blog.


Official Insta Forex Blog

This blog is a part of Insta Forex Companies Group. It is basically a group of financial and investment companies with provides online trading services. It is considered as one of the best forex broker in Asia by World Finance Magazine.

Link –

Hot Forex Analysis

It is a brand name of the HF Markets Group which encompasses internationally licensed entities. This is an online forex and broker offering various account options, and also provides with trading tools to deliver optimum trading conditions to individuals, fund managers or institutional customers.

Link to the website –

Forex Live

It is considered as the fastest foreign exchange market reporting and forex analysis. It is live news from forex live. It provides you with economic news, technical analysis, headline and live quotes.


Forex MT4 Indicators

This blog is a compilation of free download of various forex strategies used for forex trading, systems, technical and fundamental analysis in trading of forex. Their aim is to provide traders with free resources about trading.

Link to the website –

Tick Mill- Forex Traders Blog

It is platform where the experienced market experts share their knowledge about trading in forex. They provide market observation as well as give update about upcoming economic events. They give you the best possible forex trading environment so that you can focus on trading and become a professional and successful trader.

Link –

Tradeciety- Offering Transparent Trading Information

This blog is considered as the one of the best blog that provides topics like trading psychology, statistics and many more.

Link –

News Centre/ Vantage FX

This is an Australian regulated forex provider which is granting traders access to the global forex market through top tier liquidity provider. They provide you the most competitive market spreads, up to date charting and statistical analysis.

Link –

Winners Edge Trading

It is a blog that helps the beginners become profitable in forex trading. They provide you with a massive library of free content, useful tools, free video analysis, and training programs. They help traders accomplish their goal.

Link to the website –

The Bottom Line

Thus, we looked at the top forex blogs which might help us with trading in the foreign exchange market. This is to give a trader an idea about the blogs which most people are comfortable with. One might even find some other blog which is not in this list as useful.

It is important to note that one might lose his entire savings while trading forex if one does not do it cautiously. This becomes even important to note as trading forex is more risky than trading stocks. Thus, one should always remain alert and not trade carelessly.

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