Various Sources For Real Time Forex Analysis!



Forex is an abbreviation for foreign exchange. It is an over the counter market various trade between various foreign currencies in done. Unlike other markets foreign exchange is not a centralized market. It is an online market that exists where the trade between two currencies is taking place and is functional five days a week for 24 hours. It is the world’s largest free flowing market, that is, it is the world’s most liquid market. The trading that takes place here every day is worth trillions of the dollar. London, Paris, New York, Singapore, Tokyo, and Sydney etc. are major trading centers. Therefore proper analysis of Foreign exchange news and updates is very important so that foreign trades can be made possible.

Sources Of Foreign Exchange Analysis

From websites to blogs, from T.V channels to services the news and data about foreign exchange are available from a large multitude of sources. There many traditional and modern sources too, that deliver real-time news and updates that when put in an algorithm analyzes the market for profitable foreign exchange. Some of such sources are listed with information enough for a sound knowledge of the relevant option.

Traditional News Sources

For years print media has provided simplified analysis of the market for the new and old players to trade in various currencies. There are a lot of new options available but it is always better to stick to the best source which includes many big names catering from years till date. These include- The Wall Street Journal, Bloomberg, Reuters etc. which provide the daily updates on market changes and news that must be known, for example, the release of economic reports, announcements by central banks and analysis etc.


Real Time Feeds

If you are concerned about getting the updates every minute and access to currency market movements, then, you can choose to go for sources available 24 hours a day, for all seven days a week which provide the minute to minute update, or even as they say, second to second update of all the world financial markets. Major information providers include CNN, MSNBC, CNBC, Fox News, and Bloomberg TV. All these Television channels are those where experts of finance and market provide real time analysis of the Foreign exchange.
Another option available with the investor is the foreign exchange portal that makes use of the software where newsfeed is directly put to get immediate and easy access to all news and events of the currency market. For this, you need to check if your broker has this option available for the traders.

Economic Calendars

It will be a great deal if have such a system forged for us that proves month wise information about the interest rate announcements, that is, the rates that were forecasted and would be the actual occurrence and how the market will change with all these announcements. This is all possible with the help of Economic Calendars. They provide the investor with month wise information that can be sorted according to currency preference and according to your time zone.
The financial events take place at a very high pace which is not always easy to cope up with, therefore, the data available in the economic calendar might help as it has the potential to make predictions about market and movement of currency pairs on might be interested in. It is good for the traders that most of the news important for them is scheduled months in advance and economic calendars are the source of all such events and news.


You cannot deny the fact that internet is the biggest source of information for all needs and if you search for foreign exchange on it around 300 million results will be displayed which are not convenient to choose from. But there are certain websites that provide the new traders and the old ones with analysis as well all the financial terms and information to understand the trading and market trends in an easy and effective way. Few of the websites which are providing the required aid include Investopedia, Babypips, DailyFX, RatesFX and Foreign exchange Factory etc.

The Bottom Line

There are a lot of new and old, traditional and modern, on a web or on paper sources available that provide the real-time analysis for Foreign exchange analysis. The trader needs to choose the best suited source by understanding the level of information required based on the time that the trader might have invested in the market. Foreign exchange holds great importance as it determines and encourages the amount of foreign investment.
Currencies associated with major currencies like US Dollar, Pound, and Euro find it easy to make investments with other countries based on foreign exchange trading analysis. One should make use of the data available on websites, through TV channels giving a minute to minute updates for 24 hours continuously, economic calendars that record all economic events and newspapers providing expert reviews to obtain maximum benefit from foreign trading.


It is important to note that one should research the market properly and extensively before beginning to trade. One should also research the brokers as the foreign exchange market is not regulated and the brokers have their own charges which can have a huge impact on your net profits. Also, one should be well aware of the risks associated with forex trading, and trading in general before starting to trade.


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