What Are The Reasons For Not Losing Body Fat?


‘Health is Wealth.’ In the constant race of life, everyone struggles to say fit and healthy. It is tough managing work and schedules and deadlines. But we make it eventually. This is because it is no more about just the appearance but our medical conditions start weighing in with the growing age. Although slight difficult due to the cravings and temptations, controlling your diet and exercising daily influence our lives in more ways than we comprehend. But do you sometimes feel that no change is noticeable despite your constant hard work? Here is an insight to the situation.

What Is Body Fat?

Body fat comprises of two components, essential body fat and storage body fat. Essential body fat is necessary for maintaining life and reproductive functions. Whereas, storage body fat consists of fat accumulation in adipose tissue, which protects internal organs in the chest and abdomen.

Reasons For Not Losing Body Fat

Sometimes we fail to lose the fat due to numerous reasons. Although it is important to stay fit but you must know how much fat loss is normal. Following are some reasons for not losing body fat-
1. Not keeping a track of what you are eating – awareness is vital when you’re trying to lose fat. Most of the people are clueless about their diet intakes in terms of nutritional values, calories, etc.
2. Not consuming enough protein – the most crucial nutrient to lose weight is protein. Eating protein improves metabolism rate and even fastens it. Protein intake leads to lesser cravings and less hunger for the rest of the day.
3. Eating too much – it is important that you keep a track of the calories you are consuming. You can weigh your foods, use web apps, or gain knowledge about various foods and the calories they contain.
4. Rigid diet plans – try aiming to be fitter and happier instead of depriving your body of the nourishment it requires. Dieting is not a long-term solution. It is advisable to follow a healthier lifestyle.
5. Unrealistic expectations – losing fat is a time-taking process. Be patient, as the saying goes ‘patience pays’. Wait for the results. Do not rush into conclusions.
6. Starving for too long – sometimes it is completely okay to take a break and celebrate the cheat day. Increase your calorie intake and you will notice changes.
7. Addiction to junk food – fried and salty foods are two major enemies of fit as they accumulate fat. And along comes other body and health problems. Sugar is no friend either.
8. Medical conditions – certain medical issues can cause weight gain and make it harder for you to lose weight. Consult your doctor and stay clear of any such conditions.
9. Alcohol consumption – while moderate drinking has its own health benefits, high alcohol consumption is not good due to its per gram calories intake.
10. Eating too often – give your body some time to digest the foods you have consumed. It all starts accumulating as fat after a certain point of time.
11. Dehydration – water makes 70% of your body weight. It is extremely crucial to stay hydrated at all times. Develop it as healthy life habit to drink water daily.
12. Not sleeping well – almost all health issues are related to sleep. Your mind and body need the time to relax. The sleep of your quality plays a vital role too.
13. Not exercising – fat burning exercise is the key factor in losing fat. Also, lifting weights are essential. Cardio or aerobic exercise increase your heart rate and accelerate fat loss.
14. Drinking sugar – any sodas are your all time enemies if you wish to lose any fat. Do not get fooled by the labels that say ‘diet soda’. Even fruit juices must not be consumed in large amounts.
15. Not cutting back on carbohydrates – a low carbs diet is advisable for fat loss. It is crucial to cut back on carbohydrates, both simple and complex ones in order to control body fat, cholesterol and even blood sugar.


Planning Before Practicing

Planning precedes actions. This is a universal rule. Therefore, you should conduct proper research, know your aims and objectives, set future goals, prepare plans and strategies in advance, and learn from the past mistakes. You must evaluate your performance from time to time and draw comparisons with short term goals, whether or not and why you were not able to achieve the pre-set targets.
Execution, implementation and follow up are important but sometimes you must take a break. Make flexible plans so that you do not miss on the joys of life. After all, happiness is the end goal achieved after hard work and labor.

The Bottom Line

If your efforts are not producing desired results, try to find out what is going wrong. If you are unable to ascertain the reason, consult a doctor, or a dietitian about other tactics that you can try. Appreciate yourself for the smallest progress you make. Adapt to a healthy and happy lifestyle. Do not struggle for the perfect physique, aim for fitness instead. It will take you places.
Whatever you do, never give up. Do not revert to your old unhealthy practices and habits. And never underestimate the power of exercise. It is not only for your body but also for your mind. Remember, genius is to knowing when to stop, and taking a break!


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