What Are The Travel Perks Available On A Credit Card?



A credit card is one of the most availed retail banking services that enable you to make financial transactions for the moment and the bills are paid within a certain period of time of purchase. Using a credit card you can do online purchasing, cash withdrawal, shopping at local stores and payment of EMI and many others. Apart from this, credit cards help you build a good credit score that helps you to avail loan at lower interest rates while you purchase a new car or build a new house. Most of the credit cards offer you monthly cash back and bonus on the purchase of goods and services. Most of the perks are beneficial while traveling and can be availed provided user has the complete knowledge of perks available on credit card.

Travel Perks Available

There are a lot of perks that credit card offers that include various cashback and bonus schemes on an online purchase, discounted restaurant bills, offers on car service, hotel booking and many more. Most of them are useful while you travel provided you are aware of offers available from different credit cards and avail them while you travel.

Priority Boarding at Airports

Airlines will offer you hassle free instant boarding only if you are the first class passenger otherwise for those traveling through economy tickets, you need to line up for security check and then after an hour or two, you get to board. Then comes the co-branded credit cards that offer their customers to avail the priority boarding facility at airports irrespective of the class of the ticket that you have purchased. This not only saves you a lot of time while boarding a flight but also provide you a privilege of status upgrades.

Free Lounge Facility

One of the best travel perks that you can avail by having the right credit card is free to lounge facility at airports which are otherwise available only for the business class or first class passengers. Except for the lounge, people can be seen running across the airport in order to get their devices charged or to eat something. So you benefit if you have a credit card that offers such a perk and you may take a nap, charge your phones or laptop, access free Wi-Fi facility, get free refreshments etc., while there is still an hour or two left before the flight takes off.

Status Upgrade

Another exciting perk offered by the co-branded credit cards is free status upgrade at airports, restaurants, and hotels that enables you to avail services like a free room upgrade, access priority check-in, and free meals that are otherwise available by paying higher prices or are arranged for their frequent flyers or buyers only. So look for the list of perks that come along the credit card while you apply for one.

Zero Foreign Fees

If are using your credit cards in foreign countries for purchasing then you need to pay foreign fees applicable to it. This fee is exempted by many of the credit cards in order to attract customers and benefit their existing customers while they travel to other nations and are happy to find the utility of card that they own. Credit cards can also be used to withdraw cash from ATM’s in foreign countries if in case you may have an emergency or you are interested in making an unplanned purchase.

Travel Insurance

If you get your travel tickets booked through your credit cards than you get the privilege to avail insurance on your travel that includes refund against cancellation, insurance against luggage theft, medical illness, accident etc. while you travel. Before getting your travel booked always check for credit cards that offer such perks.


Companion Tickets

If you frequently travel with your family then this feature of some branded credit cards will offer you to get a free or discounted ticket for your companion while you book your tickets using the credit card that offers the perk. This is done by using the reward points collected or by getting huge, deep discounts that make the travel journey almost free for them.

Free Hotel Booking

While you travel to new cities or country, the room rent of high-class hotels burns a hole in your pocket. But if you are a credit card user than the credit card company offers you to use the reward points collected by using the credit card for the purchase of various products and services and get a discounted air ticket as well as free hotel booking. Sometimes facilities like free pick-up and drop facility are also clubbed that saves you another hundred dollars.

Insured Rental Cars

If you get the bill of your rental car paid through credit card then you get a privilege of an insured rental car journey which is otherwise a paid facility if you are pay through cash or debit cards. This perk usually includes crash or collision insurance or sometimes bumper to bumper insurance, so in case your car meets with an accident then you don’t need to worry about the repair cost.


Branded credit cards may come with annual fees but in return, you get so many perks that are especially of great benefits while you are traveling and these perks help you reduce your travel expenses, which otherwise are not available with free credit cards. A bundle of perks like insured travel plans, discounted hotel rooms, and travel tickets, free status upgrade and priority boarding at airports, free meals, free lounge facility, insured rental cars, zero foreign fees and many more make your journey more pleasant and cheaper than usual.

You need to be very careful while choosing the right credit cards and make the best use of them to collect reward points against each purchase which can be redeemed later when you travel within or across the nation. In order to make sure that this experience remains pleasant never forget to make on-time bill payments of your credit cards.


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