What To Look For In A Web Hosting Company?


For many of the developers, bloggers, and small business owners face the issue of finding host server. This is because finding the right host is very important. If it’s done rightly with proper research, then that could provide you with the lifetime of happiness and high performing host will always be available to you. Therefore, in order to find the perfect match one must really be careful. Wrong research can lead to nowhere but towards the feeling of being trapped misled or extorted.

Here are step by step guidelines to help you guys how to look for the host that might be liked for the lifetime. So here are some of them.

1. Type Of Hosting Required

The first thing to do is to write down the characteristics which you would want in the web hosting company. You need to check your compatibility with the hosting providers and services.

a. Shared Hosting is preferred by small and medium sites

Several websites and customers share same server in shared hosting. First time hosting customers must prefer to get the package for shared hosting website before going to the VPS plan. After that, one must decide to upgrade their plan to VPS plan to meet their increasing needs.

b. VPS Hosting is preferred for more flexibility by faster growing sites

VPS stands for virtual private server, which serves as a happy mediator between the casual dating and commitment of the dedicated server. The servers are divided into virtual machines so that they can act as an independent dedicated server. Customers tend to share their server on VPS but with the extra benefit of having larger portions and much greater control.

c. Dedicated Hosting for maximum server resources and security

The obvious thing is that the high performing sites need the most dedicated sites which support your files or applications by providing the power without any traffic. The dedicated sites are the backbone as they help to configure all your needs. Customers have the complete customization power of security systems, and the operating systems.

2. Determine The Site You Wish To Build

Features which are important are determined by the type of website you wish to build. Some hosting providers are purely for blogging purpose and are search engines while others are for ecommerce functionality.

a. Considering WordPress as a Web Host

For sharing your ideas online, one needs to gets his hands on WordPress. This site serves as easy pick for writers. One click installation of WordPress can be provided by any kind of server but the best providers provide with upgraded hardware, unlimited storage, pre installed programs and fabulous expertise and support.

b. Considering e-commerce as a hosting server for online stores

To promote your brand or product, marketing is just not only the important thing, having an online store is also important. Recent researches have proved customers like to buy online products than products available on stores. So merchants should try to connect themselves with strong web hosts to trade online.

c. Personal sites are low cost, high valued hosts

Hosting customers don’t require any rocket science to attract customers. They succeed to attract the beginners and hobbyists with the feature of having their sites at cheaper rates and easy to use.


3. Resources Required

One needs to understand and estimate the resources which would be required from the web hosting company. The web hosting customers tries to grab those providers which have good value plans. But many businesses give priority to security than functionality. Instead of only focusing on the features, one must try to understand various components and limitations of the hosting providers.

a. Storage and RAM

This is the most important component one must look for in a web hosting company. Many hosting providers guarantee to provide unlimited storage capacity but in reality, this aspect is not possible. Companies don’t get into the deep root of it. As you shift towards the upgraded plans of VPN the storage gets to be configured.

b. Data transfer and bandwidth

Performance of your site depends on the amount of data uploaded over the site through bandwidth i.e., how quickly the information can be made visible to visitors. There is the direct relation between the bandwidth and viewers over the site i.e. higher the bandwidth, higher the rate by which viewers can have access to the information.

c. Reliability

Companies have visitors every second, or better so every millisecond. This clearly means that if there is inaccessibility to the site, a company may lose many of its sales opportunities. Not only this, it will have an adverse effect on the image of the company in this age of social media. This in turn will make the company lose its productivity also. Therefore, many big companies tend to buy premium packs to avoid any kind of interruption while accessing the business websites.

4. Cost

Cost is, of course, the most important factor while using the web hosting. However, for the sake of cost, one must not compromise with support and performance of the host. One must make budgets for services such as domain name registration and for themes which might be required by the customer to add in the site.

a. More value provided by the cheap hosting providers

Shared server for free hosting providers makes much easy to provide with dozens of attractive packages which act as value added services for hosting customers. So one can experience and experiment of having luxury options to explore different avenues of online success like content delivery network, automatic backups etc.

5. Growing Atmosphere

Availability of flexible software with powerful hardware and good support helps the company to shift towards dedicated hosting sites. This aspect is necessary to keep in mind while selecting a web hosting company.

The Bottom Line

There isn’t a specific thing to look for in a web hosting company, but the combination of all of them which suits your requirements. You may have to sacrifice something to gain other necessary things in the long run.


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