Why Opt for Windows Hosting?


Let us put some light on web hosting is before concentrating on why one should opt or windows for web hosting. In order to have food and remarkable presence on the internet one need to have a web hosting provider. Web hosting is giving physical space to your website on the internet through world wide web. Web hosting helps the individuals or the Organization to have an online system of keeping information, uploading videos, images, etc. People also choose cloud hosting in order to ensure backups, they choose managed WordPress hosting for security and speeding up the process, domain names are given to distinguish between different individuals and Organizations. All this is done in order to make sure that their websites are ranked better.

Everybody wants to have a web hosting provider who gives them the best services and deliver all the promises promised to the customer. When it comes to choosing between the highest hosting solution people tend to fumble between their options i.e., between Windows web hosting and Linux web hosting. Let us now focus on what windows hosting is? Windows based web hosting is a web hosting designed by Microsoft and is hosted through the Windows operating system, and more than often comes with a cost known as licensing cost. Since for a fact it is known that most of the applications used are windows based thus windows web hosting is advised. Windows web hosting allows efficient and better integration of Microsoft applications. Let us put some light on why people should opt for windows web hosting?


All In One

One would want to have a website which is secured, have a good page speed, effective and efficient working of the website, efficient integration, application compatibility and single point of control. With the increasing number of Microsoft users, it is more convenient to use windows based web hosting for your website. Also, windows hosting is recommended to people who wish to create their websites using ASP.NET framework. The biggest advantage of windows based web hosting is a single point of control and compatibility with other applications. If you have Microsoft and you are using windows based web hosting one thing you do not have to worry about is compatibility of your applications even when there are updates.

Easy for the Beginners to Configure

When providing Linux based web hosting it can be very difficult to configure it with DNS servers the widely used servers. Special knowledge is required for editing BDS configuration servers, but with windows creating your own DNS server is very simple and easy when compared to DNS servers. Windows serves to provide a manageable environment in which the installation and editing are easy to the creators and users. Windows not only provides easy creation, editing, installing, interface but also provides significantly easier administration methods. It is a better option for new website admins because of easier administration methods.


One need not edit lengthy configurations files since it is backed by one of the most powerful cooperation in the world. You not only get timely and mannerly updates but also have the benefit of using the best technologies like SQL Server, NET, IIS, etc. In the beginning when opting for windows based web hosting you might feel that it is expensive for the biggest period of deciding between the two options, but the benefits outweigh the initial costs. It is absolutely fine to weigh the pros and cons of both the web hosting providers because it is your money which will be used. But before deciding the web hosting provider one should think for the long run.

If with the high initial cost, the benefits can outweigh long run costs and you are able to achieve better results, there is no harm in paying high initial costs. The benefits such as ease of creating, editing, a single control and the greatest all time compatibility is worth every penny. But still before taking any major decisions and spending your hard earned money one should always consult a professional and seek professional consultancy. Getting a clear and more focused picture of something is never harmful. But why not go for a web hosting provider which provides all the benefits in one go and is compatible with all your applications. No hassle of configuring the lengthiest procedure.


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